Please Consider Donating to The School

Keep Pennington Pre-Primary Open

Pennington Pre-Primary has been open for over 40 years. We have watched our children grow into parents, and then grandparents. We have watched 3 generations, maybe more, pass through our school and are devastated at the thought of closing our doors forever and not seeing our children grow, not being able to follow our passion, losing teachers and staff who have become friends and shutting down a school that has been part of our community for so long. Our journey through history and into the future will come to an end, jobs will be lost, our future is so uncertain

As a school we have prided ourselves on doing our best on our own but in tough times like these we now need to humbly ask for help from our entire community world wide. We call upon our past, present and future pupils, parents and grandparents as well as friends, family and people world wide to help us keep our little community school open and running.


We have a few children whose schooling career will end completely during the world wide pandemic as they can no longer afford to stay with us. We need your help. Every child deserves an education and we want to be able to give this to them.

We are and independent school, we do not get help from the government and rely on our school fees to keep us open.

Now we get to break it down on ways that you can help us stay open…

Your Options:

• A one time donation of any amount of your choosing
• Commiting to donating an amount of your choosing for 3 months
• Sponsoring a child for a month at R1 425.00
• Sponsoring a child for a term at R3 563.00

Or Ultimately

• Sponsoring a child for a year R15 300

By sponsoring a child or making a donation you are keep a child in school, paying staff salaries, and keeping our school open for another day, another week, another month, another year.


South African donations can be made through an instant EFT using PayFast.

Donate R 100 –


Donate R 1 425 –


Donate R 3 563 –


Donate R 15 300 –



International and South African donations can be made through our PayPal account.


Account Name: Pennington Pre-Primary School

Bank: First National Bank

Account Type: Savings

Account Number: 53640446184

Branch : 260225/22027

Please email us at letting us know about your donation so we can send you a personal thank you!